Wireless Printing

Black and white $.05 per side     Color $.25 per side

Printing from your Laptop, Phone, or Tablet?


Follow these 6 steps:

*Update 5/6/2024 - You no longer need to be directly connected to our Wi-Fi network to submit your documents to be printed!


1 2 3

Connect to the Culpeper Library
WiFi Network

There is no password to connect to our network.

Find & Save File

File(s) must be saved to the device. 

If already saved, skip to step 3.

Save not an option? Print the file to PDF then save or go to the Information Desk for help.

Visit www.cclva.org in
your Web-Browser

Click Wireless Printing at the top. Follow the instructions.

Note: Double-sided printing is not available with mobile printing.

4 5 6

Go to the Print Release Station

Enter your Print Job ID  (WIFI####) then click the file you wish to print - the line will turn blue.  

Printing multiple files?
Click & drag down with the mouse OR hold the SHIFT button on the keyboard and click each file. 


Insert your money into the machine BEFORE clicking print.

The screen will time out after 45 seconds.

If your total amount is $5.00 or greater or paying by credit card, visit the Circulation Desk.

Click Print & Go!

Click the blue Print button at the top of the page and wait for your documents to finish printing.

You are now free to browse Culpeper County Library.

The money machine takes coins (no pennies), $1, or $5 bills. 
There are no refunds for unwanted pages.

To begin, click the Printer Icon below.