There are No Lawyers Here


The Public Law Library is just that, a library and not a law firm.  We are librarians, not lawyers.  There are laws against the "unauthorized practice of law" - and those laws absolutely apply to librarians. 


What does this mean for you?

This is what it means:  You have been charged with reckless driving.  You want to know what that means and how to deal with the charge against you.  The librarians can show you where in the Code you can read about reckless driving - that is what librarians do - but they cannot tell you what the language of the Code "means" or how you should respond to that charge in court - that is what lawyers do.

If you need legal advice you must consult with an attorney.  There is no one here at the Library licensed to provide you with legal advice.

What the Librarians Cannot Do for You:

  • The librarians cannot perform legal research for you. 
  • They cannot tell you what the law "is" on a particular issue or what the text of a law or court ruling "means".
  • They cannot answer your questions about legal procedures, court rules, or matters of jurisdiction.
  • They cannot offer opinions, interpretations, legal advice, or personal experiences.
  • They cannot tell you which legal form you should use or assist you in filling out legal forms.  (There are very few "fill in the blank" law forms available.)

What the Librarians Can do for You:

  • The librarians can help you find and copy particular court cases, laws, regulations, and court rules.  They can help you find facts - the spelling of words and brief definitions, for example.
  • They can point you to resources which might help you answer your legal questions. Some resources may be print materials while others may be digital resources such as legal research databases or websites.
  • They can assist you in using these resources, on a limited basis.
  • They can sometimes point you to useful models of legal forms, or to the very few available "fill in the blank" forms.